Be Sure & Tell Them Every Detail…

Why It’s So Important Your Clothing Is Being Hung Correctly


I’m pretty sure by now my following knows how obsessed I am with details. So much goes into the design & concept of my brand.

I want my clients to know that they are receiving quality and exceptional service.


It is major key to take care of your pieces. That is how they can last for years. Hanging your pieces on correct hangers will add intensely to

the life term of your clothes. Plastic or iron hangers immediately start to bend and lose shape once a medium to heavy weight garment is

draped on top of it. Some of these dents can become permanent and damaging to the clothing.


It is high recommended that all LIVEINFASHION designs hang on a wooded hanger. Since wooden hangers do not bend at all under the weight

of even the heaviest garments you can rest assured that your piece(s) will always be ready for you when it’s time to serve your slay!


The LIVEINFASHION wooden hanger is now available online.  

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