How Did a Sweatshirt End Up Apart of The Sequin Brand?



I guess this is why I like to create things so much because you just never know what may come from it.

I recently had brunch with a good friend of mines and we all know how this goes, it’s a Sunday afternoon, sunny, not too hot not too cold but you want your look to be cute and comfortable. My go to look is always a nice pair of fitted jeans and a wow top. The jeans was a no brainer but the top I wanted to wear was cute but it needed something else. I decided to cut off the neck of my sweatshirt to expose my tanned shoulders. A peek of shoulder is very subtle yet sexy. Its just the right amount of exposed skin.


I thought nothing of this until I posted a picture on my Insta-story on Instagram that afternoon of me wearing the LIF sweatshirt  and started receiving messages from ladies asking me if the sweatshirt was online for purchase. I started thinking maybe I should bring this style in. I then took to my insta story again and ran a poll. The results came back at 100% to bring the sweatshirt in.


There is nothing more I enjoy than helping women get pieces that they love, feel great in and can go give life!


The LIF Sweat Shirt is available online now. 



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  • I have this sweatshirt in both black and white. I’m obsessed with the quality and customer service, Live In Fashion delivers. I’m forever a customer and a fan.

    Stefanie, The Life Architect

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