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Web Window Shopping : Live in Fashion

Welcome to Web Window shopping Wednesday ~say that five times fast :0)

Web Window shopping is all about finding those fashion treasures online. I came across the feature of the day because they liked an picture I posted on my instagram page. ( yup, I check out the pages of those who like my images). I instantly gravitated to the gorgeous Jaguar post earrings on the Live in Fashion website because they make a fashion forward statement while remaining classy. They can easily be matched with a pair of jeans and classic white shirt to add a little flare to traditional weekend look or you can use them to adorn your little black dress when you are out on the town to unleash your inner sexy style.

With a new Spring collection on the way I am sure that you can find something to add to your wardrobe….but I must warn you I will fight you for that clear clutch bag on shown on their instagram page….True story.

With love from me to hue.



Do YOU “Live in Fashion?” Owner Michelle Akers

Starting your own business is no easy task, especially in the fashion world, where competition is fiercer than an episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. So how does a young boutique owner stay on top of their game in a dog-eat-dog industry? We sat down with Michelle Akers, Owner/Buyer of the New York based online boutique to find out.

Launched in December 2009,, caterers to “the woman who is daring to be different.” The online store successfully sells out unique fashionable pieces, reflecting Akers’ eye for quality, and innate ability to sense what women covet when it comes to style.

For the entire article you can view it here: